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Gypsy Gym


Newcastle Flamenco Dance Studio is introducing Gypsy Gym flamenco fitness program,  a fun and easy  way to get fit while simply enjoying  the dancing and  the music. 

Gypsy Gym is a type of  dance workout, similar to Zumba, very popular in Europe.

 It is a low-intensity, joint-friendly, but high-calorie burn fitness program that is guaranteed to:

  • Improve your overall  fitness and wellness

  • Help you realign your spine and correct your posture

  • Lower your stress levels and get your endorphins flowing

  • Aid your weight loss and tone your muscles.

​Having lived and studied flamenco dance in Spain professionally for the last two decades, I  can personally attest that Gypsy Gym is an exciting alternative to traditional high-intensity vigorous workouts at gym. 

You can get that beach body without all the sweat and pain, through a fun, feel-good experience-you won't even notice you are working out. 

Gypsy Gym is most simply explained as  a  fusion of  Zumba and Flamenco dance.  Play the Gypsy Gym promo video below to get an idea.


Hope you will enjoy discovering it, as I did.

Try it out and get beach-ready this summer!



Want to know more about Gypsy Gym? Watch our promo video:

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