Gypsy Gym



Newcastle Flamenco Dance Studio is introducing Gypsy Gym, a flamenco fitness program,  the fun and easy  way to get fit while simply enjoying the passion and aerobic benefits of dance.

Gypsy Gym is a type of workout, similar to Zumba and  it is very popular in Europe. It incorporates the moves and styles that make up the rich tapestry of Flamenco dance tradition.

Having lived and studied flamenco dance in Spain professionally for the last two decades and being of Spanish heritage, I can attest that Gypsy Gym is an exciting low impact fitness package. 

This fun, feel-good experience is guaranteed to improve your overall fitness level, posture, flexibility, and  will get your endorphins flowing while you're going within the sacred space of this passionate dance fusion of Zumba and Flamenco.


Hope you will enjoy discovering it, as I did! 



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