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Tabanko Flamenko

The Artists Unveiled

Tabanko Flamenko ensemble represents authentic flamenco artistry. It's a project produced by the Spanish-Australian flamenco dancer, Deya Miranda Giner, who recently returned to Australia from Spain after spending over 20 years away from  home -  studying, living and working as a professional flamenco dancer.

Her amazing journey to the land of flamenco lead her  to cross paths with Paco Lara , Spanish maestro of the flamenco guitar from Jerez de la Frontera  in Southern Spain, who later become her partner. The couple now live in the Hunter Valley in NSW,  tirelessly performing and promoting this unique art form  to the Australian community, and the passion they bring to their performances leaves no Australians' hearts untouched.


The group also includes  two other Australian flamenco artists: Zoe Vélez, Cante (Spanish for vocal) and Elena Vargas, Bailora (Spanish for female dancer) and Palmas ( or a  hand-clapper in charge of rhythm).  Both  of the artists are of Spanish heritage, and are held in high  esteem by  the Australian professional flamenco scene.

Together, the quartet recreates a true flamenco experience, as  it is traditionally performed in Spain.  

The name  of the ensemble “Tabanko Flamenko” was inspired by the traditional name of the sherry wine bars (Spanish - tabancos) of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, which is a cradle city of flamenco, where this art form originated and where artists have performed for centuries creating  and cultivating their very own,  unique style.


In short:

Tabanko Flamenko's show is a  pure and raw emotion  that  captivates and enchants the audience, taking them back in time and place to the origin of flamenco, to Spain.  It truly is a soul -moving, and an unforgettable performance.